Organizing for Marketing Excellence

Marketing organization is the interface of the firm with its markets and where the work of marketing gets done. This review of the past 25 years of scholarship on marketing organization examines the individual and integrative roles of four elements of marketing organization㤼㸷capabilities, configuration (including structure, metrics, and incentives), culture, and the human capital of marketing leadership and talent. The authors indicate that these four elements are mobilized through seven marketing activities (7As) that occur during the marketing strategy process. These activities enable the firm to anticipate market changes, adapt the strategy to stay ahead of competition, align the organization to the strategy and market, activate effective implementation, ensure accountability for results, attract resources, and manage marketing assets. How well the firm manages these seven activities throughout the marketing strategy process determines the performance payoffs from marketing organization. Future research priorities outlined for the elements of marketing organization, their integration, and their impact on the 7As offer directions for the study of organizing for marketing excellence.


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