Korean Marketing in China: An Exploratory Analysis of Strategy�Performance Relationships

The authors attempt to identify the types of marketing strategies that Korean marketers employ in China and investigate the strategies㤼㸲 relationships with market performance. The authors expect Korean marketing strategies in China to differ from those of Western multinational corporations. Data were collected from surveys of managers of 86 Korean firms. The results identify four groups of firms with distinctive marketing strategies, including firms pursuing a localization strategy, those emphasizing product competitiveness, those pursuing a medium price㤼㸶quality positioning strategy, and those passively selling quality products at high prices. In addition, the analysis suggests that Korean firms emphasizing product competitiveness have superior market performance, whereas firms pursuing localization show poor performance. Conversely, Korean firms pursuing the medium price㤼㸶quality positioning strategy with an emphasis on value for money exhibit moderately good performance. Finally, the authors also discuss managerial implications pertaining to appropriate marketing strategies and tactics for Korean marketers.

Keywords: transitional economies, firm competencies, market standardization, localization strategies, product competitiveness, Korean marketing strategies


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